Featherston St

Level 2, 139 Featherston St
(04) 499 4257

Lower Hutt

21-23 Andrews Ave
(04) 589 8381

Our Classes

Please be present at the studio at least ten minutes before class begins.

Choose your class attendance with the intention to stay for the entire session. Final savasana is an especially healing and integrative time for many, and as such, stillness and quiet are essential. To ensure a safe and quality experience for group practice, it is standard at our studios to stay on your mat until the teacher has signaled the end of class. Thank you for respecting your time on the mat and the dynamic power of a group practice.

Our featherston studio consistently maintains a temperature of 34°. Humidity fluctuates with the seasons. Our intention for our Lower Hutt studio is to maintain the heat at a cozy 30°. This may vary slightly above or below depending on the season.

Hot Yoga

Our core class. The room is heated to prevent injury, promote detoxification and release within the body. Fresh air is circulated and humidity is raised to make conditions ideal for a foundational sequence of 25-30 postures (varying slightly each class) to strengthen bones and muscles and keep the mind-body connection sharp — a total body workout! Suitable for the beginner, intermediate, or an advanced practitioner.


Yin yoga concentrates on floor postures that stretch the connective tissue, ligaments, and fascia that bind bone-to-bone at the joints. Connective tissue does not stretch like muscle and thus it takes more time to improve mobility and strength in these areas of the body. For this reason, the postures are held for longer periods of time (at least three minutes). Perfect for beginners, top-notch athletes, and seasoned practitioners alike.

Hot Sampler

This class is ideally suited to someone who is curious about the different styles of yoga offered at our studios and interested in developing a stronger foundation for their practice. You will experience a taste of the three major modalities we offer: Hot Yoga, Power Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Every Sampler class begins with a short flow sequence, followed by standing postures, and finally, some delicious yin-styled floor stretching poses. Suitable for all levels.

Yin Yang

Needing to slow things down? This gentle style class is a creative combination of standing postures, juicy flows, and yin postures which brings together the elements of breath, movement, and stillness. This class is suitable for all levels and is highly recommended for our newest yogis!

Power Vinyasa (PV)

A vibrant, inspiring practice that leaves you glowing with that “yoga buzz.” Power Vinyasa is a fast-paced, flow-style class that hones the relationship between body and breath: A continuous rhythm of breath leads you through each posture and transitions between postures, and awakens and reconnects you to a stronger and stress-free self. Class instruction focuses on form, alignment, strength, fluidity, and balance. All levels are welcome!

Yin + Nidra

This class is a combination of both yin yoga (30 mins) and a guided nidra meditation (30 mins). Yoga nidra is a powerful tool for deep relaxation. As you recline on your back in savasana, an instructor guides you into the state of consciousness that hovers between sleep and wakefulness. It is a deeply restorative, regenerative experience for body & mind: Some purport that thirty minutes of nidra is equivalent to four hours of sleep! This class is suitable for all levels. Currently in Lower Hutt Studio Only

2-for -1! | Friday Night- Final Class(Lower Hutt Only)

It's Fri-yay! Roll out your mats after work on Friday evenings for 2-for-1 final classes at both studios. Members and non-members alike can bring a friend for free!

Teacher Trainees (TT's)

Our Lower Hutt studio has been the home of New Zealand Yoga Collective's yoga teacher trainings for the last 6 years. Both the 200 hour & recently the 300 hour trainings. During the duration of these trainings the trainees have the opportunity to integrate their learnings in a public classes. Where you see 'TT's' on the timetable it indicates that a specific number of TT's will be taking some or part of the class. This is unusual, as generally our classes are led by one teacher. Please note, this is for the purpose of feedback, so we can develop and grow future teachers.

Flow & Go

This is an accessible yoga class designed with the beginner yogi in mind. Unlike traditional heated yoga classes, this session takes place in a non-heated room, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a moderate temperature and are looking to incorporate yoga seamlessly into their busy schedules. The classes are designed to get the blood flowing and provide a supportive introduction to yoga. Each class will finish with a restorative shape designed to leave you feeling nourished. Currently in Lower Hutt Studio only.