Featherston St

Level 2, 139 Featherston St
(04) 499 4257

Lower Hutt

21-23 Andrews Ave
(04) 589 8381


Where are your studios?

We have two studio locations in and around Wellington. Our Featherston Street studio is located in the Wellington CBD at 139 Featherston Street, Level Two. Our Lower Hutt Studio is located at 21-23 Andrews Ave, right next to the river. It can be easy to miss the studios, so be sure to leave yourself some extra time before class starts. It’s always a good practice to arrive 10-15 minutes before your class begins to settle into your space and drop into your practice with a quiet mind. Our doors are locked and it is not possible to access the studio within a few minutes of class.

What is hot yoga?

At Hot Yoga Wellington, we offer five different class styles in a room heated to no more 37 degrees. The heat allows your muscles to become more oxygenated, which in turn means your muscles can respond to poses with less resistance, reducing susceptibility to injury. So be sure to bring a towel and some water.

There are lots of class options, which one is for me?

We offer five different styles of classes at our studios: Hot Yoga, Hot Sampler, PV, Yin-Yang, and Yin. Class styles differ in tone and pace, but each offers a welcoming space for you to come to your mat safely, in whatever mood or place in life you may find yourself.

What if I’m a beginner?

We’re excited you’re beginning your yoga journey with us! HYW classes are for for all levels of practitioners. Our experienced instructors are always sure to cater their class to every body and every level of experience in the room. Keep showing up to the mat, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you become a master of your own practice! Keep an eye out for Beginners Workshops and Basics classes if you’re interested in learning more. If you decide that you want to dive deeper into your practice or share it with others, we offer teacher trainings for all levels of yogis once a year.

Do I have to book online?

Yes. These days we request you book online ahead of time. But our studios are spacious, so if you find your free one day to just drop in, we will likely have space for you. We are aware that you may experience difficulties when creating a new I.D. on Mindbody to book classes. If you feel you are running into issues email info@hotyogawellington.co.nz Please remember to be courteous and cancel online if you are not able to attend a class you've booked. If unable to access computer please email info@hotyogawellington.co.nz (online cancellation is preferred)

Can I shower?

Absolutely! All of our studios are equipped with showers, bath products, and change rooms.

How do memberships work between studios?

6-month and 12-month memberships grant access to unlimited classes at all studios. Shorter-term memberships with Featherston Street or Lower Hutt work only in the individual studio.

What should I wear?

Whatever clothes you are comfortable in are the best clothes for your practice. As long as you’re okay to move freely and get sweaty in them. Shoes and socks are left outside the studio. Other than that all you need is an open mind.

I don’t have a mat or towel or anything!

We’ve got you covered. Mats, towels, water, coconut water, blocks, and straps are available for use, hire, and purchase at all our studios. What's on the teachers mat in the studio, is what you will need for your class. Blocks and straps are located in the back corner of the studio.

How can I take my practice to the next level?

Keep showing up! The more you practice, the more you will start to see the benefits of yoga in body and mind. Unlimited memberships are available for those hoping to establish a regular practice, and our studio also offers the option of private classes, for more of a one-on-one approach. Keep an eye out. We offer workshops about once a month, which will give you deeper insight into a variety of specific aspects of yoga. Keep an open mind. You don’t have to want to be a yoga teacher to do a training! We offer teacher trainings once a year that will not only certify you as a teacher in case the urge develops, but will equip you with the tools and knowledge to expand and deepen your practice with philosophy, breathwork, and alignment basics.

What do I need to know about Featherston parking?

Morning Students: A towing zone on the eastern side (studio side) of Featherston is active in the morning from 8 am. Please also be advised to pay for parking every day of the week as wardens start ticketing at 8 am.