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40 Day Challenge

9 October - 17 November

All Studios | Cost: No additional cost

40 Day Challenge: 9 October – 17 November 2017

We’re kicking things off in October with an opportunity for a complete reset-- body, mind, & spirit.

Over six weeks, we’ll tap into the holistic potential of a regular yoga practice. We’ll sift through the five koshas and seek a deeper understanding of the radiant, innermost Self.

The koshas, described in the Taittiriya Upanishad (and ancient Tantric text), are interpenetrating, energetic layers of being. Humans are said to have five koshas, which exist as layered sheaths that encase the soul. Annamaya kosha is the outermost, physical kosha, and this is followed by three subtle energy koshas (pranayama, monomaya, and vijnanamaya). Anandamaya kosha, or the bliss sheath, exists as our innermost energy layer. (You might call to mind the image of halved onion or a Russian matryoshka doll as a good visual for how the koshas manifest within our physical bodies). Many of us know what it might feel like to be present in the outermost kosha: nourishing the body with healthy food or a regular yoga practice. But how often do you tap into your innermost wisdom? Recognizing a yoga practice as a modality for healing, tuning into the subtleties of individual koshas and becoming aware and present within all of the koshas at once is hugely empowering (and YES! It is possible!): It is a practice of integrating all parts of your being and expanding your sense of Self.

Tapping into each kosha in turn a the first step toward feeling robustly present and at peace. We'll begin our 40 day exploration of the koshas by directing our attentions to the outermost layer, annamaya kosha, and week by week, we'll make our way through these layers of being:

Week 1: Annamaya kosha

Week 2: Pranayama kosha

Week 3: Manomaya kosha (pt. I)

Week 4: Manomaya kosha (pt. II)

Week 5: Vijnanamaya kosha

Week 6: Anandamaya kosha

We’ll have events sprinkled throughout the 40 Day Challenge that loosely fit within the kosha theme for your enjoyment and interest. It is our hope that this experience, if you choose to participate, is enriching for you: The 40 Day Challenge event is intended as FUN. It is an opportunity for you to create new habits, nurture yourself, and engage with a (perhaps previously unknown to you!) aspect of yoga philosophy. There aren't any additional fees; all we want is for you to participate! All that is required on your end is a commitment to attend THIRTY classes over the course of the challenge. Track your progress at any of our three studios. At the end of our six weeks, six winners will be selected at random (two from each studio: Featherston St., Wakefield St., and Lower Hutt) from our pool of participants. Plus, we’ll have some goodies along the way to award you for your incremental progress!

Not already an unlimited member? We’re running a SPECIAL deal for the 40 Day Challenge: buy 40 days of UNLIMTED yoga for ONLY $220! (This special will be available for purchase from October 1st).

Keep an eye on our events page (hotyogawellington.co.nz) for more information on the 40 Day Challenge as the event unfolds.

Love & peace, y'all,

Hot Yoga Wellington & Lower Hutt

Kula Kids' Yoga Course

28 October, 11:15am - 12:15pm - 2 December

Lower Hutt Studio | Cost: $15 drop-in // $55 4-class pass // $80 6-class pass

Kula Kids' Yoga classes are playful and creative. And even better ~ they're just for kids! Our experienced teacher, Jeanne, weaves story, song and games into her instruction of the ancient art of yoga. These classes are unheated and specifically geared toward kids ages 7 - 12.

Term 4 classes will meet on Saturdays from 11:15am - 12:15pm at Hot Yoga Lower Hutt (21 Andrews Ave.) beginning on 28 October. Over six weeks, your young yogis will build strength of body & mind, balance, and flexibility guided by the yoga principles of kindness, honesty, commitment, and contentment.

Email Jeanne (kulakidsyoga@yahoo.com) to enrol your child!

As always, feel free to email us with any enquiries!

Prenatal Yoga

Book online
4 November, 1:30pm - 3:00pm - 25 November

Lower Hutt Studio | Cost: $20 drop-in / 4-class pass $70

Are you pregnant? Join Claire on a journey of discovery, practising not only specialised yoga postures suitable for pregnancy, but also learning helpful breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques.

Claire's classes are UNHEATED, gentle, and safe for all women (regardless of previous yoga experience) with adjustments made for each trimester. All women are welcome regardless of previous yoga experience. Our classes will focus on creating space in the body and mind and exploring the many yogic tools that can be used for a positive pregnancy, labour, and birth experience.

If you would like to carve out a special time in your week that allows you to stay active and also remain still enough to really nurture yourself and your growing baby this class could be for you. Either sign up for the full four weeks ($70/ 4-classes) or drop in on a casual basis ($20/class). Mat rental is included in the class price.

Please be mindful that spaces are limited due to the specialisation of these classes, so please confirm your spot ahead of time (if possible) to ensure you don't miss out. You can do so by emailing marketing@hotyogawellington.co.nz.

The classes are structured by the following curriculum:

WEEK 1 (4 November) Standing and classic Prenatal yoga asana (poses).

WEEK 2 (11 November) Classic poses, some nice lateral openers and partner poses.

WEEK 3 (18 November) Moving into flowing breath work with pregnancy salutations.

WEEK 4 (25 November) Stabilising and releasing poses for the hips, pelvis and back. Also birth preparation with yoga Nidra

All classes will be held at Hot Yoga Lower Hutt (21 Andrews Ave).

We hope you'll join us! If you have questions, please feel free to drop us an email.

Mindfulness for Beginners

Book online
5 November, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Lower Hutt Studio | Cost: $95

Mindfulness for Beginners is an amazing opportunity to relax, revitalise and connect with others whilst learning this powerful new life skill.

Mindfulness enhances relationships, performance, and wellbeing and has also been shown to improve sleep, enhance energy levels, and help with a number of other health concerns.

In this three-hour workshop, you will learn how to use powerful mindfulness tools to manage stress and emotional reactivity, connect with yourself and others, tap into your creativity.

This workshop is:

Grounded in everyday life examples, evidence-based and practical, non-religious, fun, and relaxed.


-What is Mindfulness?

-Secrets of the mind unveiled

-The truth about multitasking

-Mindful body scan exercise

-Managing stress

-Engaging fully in life

-Dealing with difficult emotions

-Mindful breathing exercise


-Empathy and compassion

-Integration and change


Who should attend?

-This beginner's course is designed for anyone wanting to learn more about Mindfulness and enjoy its many benefits.

Will I just be sitting and meditating?

-Not at all! The guided Mindfulness breathing exercises make up 10mins of each session and we sit in chairs.

Do I need to bring anything?

-Just bring a pen and something to write in. You will be given a Mindfulness journal.

What should I wear?

-Whatever you feel comfortable in.

More about the instructor:

Emily is a qualified mindfulness consultant and Hot Yoga teacher. She is part way through a holistic health coaching qualification, and in her spare time, works as a corporate lawyer. Emily initially found mindfulness as coping mechanism for workplace stress and career and life direction indecision. But as her practice deepened over time, her life as a whole has powerfully transformed. This positive shift has lead Emily’s career path to wind away from the law and into the holistic wellbeing space. “I’ve always been very good at doing! Being … not so much. As clichéd as it sounds, discovering mindfulness has been life changing for me and I am passionate about sharing this incredible tool with others.”

When: Sunday, 5 November from 1-4pm

Where: Hot Yoga Lower Hutt (21 Andrews Ave)

Cost: $95

Yoga Rhapsody at Wakefield St.

5 November, 1:00pm - 2:15pm - 5 November

Wakefield St. Studio | Cost: Regular class pricing applies

On Sunday, 5 November, add some rhythm to your flow! Paul provides the vocals and live acoustic guitar accompaniment while Jemma guides you through your practice.

If you've never had the opportunity to practice with Yoga Rhapsody, make this event a priority! Jemma and Paul work together seamlessly; the pace of class and rhythm of music are in perfect balance; the music works to energise you when you need a boost but relaxes you when you're ready for some rest.

You can learn more about Yoga Rhapsody and their mission at: https://www.yogarhapsody.com/

There are no additional fees for this event; just swipe in as you would normally. Booking is not necessary, but please note that spaces are available at a first-come, first-serve basis. As always, we recommend arriving fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled class time.

When: 5 November 2017 from 1-2:15pm

Where: 250 Wakefield St. (Wellington)

This class is suitable for all levels so everyone can participate! Please note that the room will not be heated above 30 degrees.

New to our studios? We've got mats and towels available for rent ($2 and $4, respectively), but feel free to bring your own!

Questions? Email marketing@hotyogawellington.co.nz.

Yoga Philosophy (koha class)

9 November, 8:00pm - 9:00pm

Wakefield St. Studio | Cost: KOHA entry

Join Helen on Thursday, 9 November for a session that will delve into some of the stories and philosophy that underpin our yoga asana. No experience with yoga history or philosophy required, just an open mind and interest in digging a little deeper. 

This session is for koha. All funds raised will benefit the family of four-year-old James Swan, who suffers from a rare neuromuscular condition. Read more about James, his family, and the cause we are supporting here: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/support4yearoldjames.

This class will be held at Wakefield St., and all are welcome.

Inversions from the Ground Up: Upside-down BASICS with Helen & Lindsey

Book online
11 November, 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Wakefield St. Studio | Cost: $40

Join Helen & Lindsey for an afternoon of inversion play! We'll explore the basic tools you'll need to safely navigate upside-down postures and make sense of headstands and handstands as we build them from the ground up.

This unheated workshop is for anyone who is curious about getting upside-down but isn't quite sure where to begin.

Have you attended our inversions workshop in the past? Join us for round two!

This event will be held at Wakefield St. (250 Wakefield) on 11 November from 1:30-3:30pm.

PV Explore: Birds of Yoga

Book online
25 November, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Wakefield St. Studio | Cost: $35

PV Explore: Birds of Yoga - with Sam Rozitis

Come ruffle your feathers as we dedicate a strong vinyasa practice to all things bird-like: Eagle, Pigeon, Crow, Peacock & more. Open to all levels - join the flock and take flight!

Saturday, 25 November 1pm - 3pm

Wakefield St. Studio (250 Wakefield St.) | Cost: $35

Booking is essential for this workshop. Please register online or in the studios.

Questions? Email marketing@hotyogawellington.co.nz.

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